Total Marine

Total Lubmarine provides a pioneering range of marine oils, greases and innovative solutions to the shipping and power plant industry. We believe in always supporting our customers and are committed to helping operators safely, and efficiently, manage their lubricants.

Throughout the entire customer relationship, from lubricant planning to analyzing oil performance and condition, our technical experts streamline lubricant management. This means that our customers can focus on what matters most at sea: delivering cargo safely, efficiently and on time.




TI 4040



Total Lubmarine Aurelia Ti 4040

AURELIA TI 4040 ensures outstanding cleanliness of both the hot and cold parts of an engine thanks to their detergency and dispersant properties. The stable viscosity of AURELIA TI 4040 means that fewer top-ups are needed. Its ability to reduce heavy deposit build-up in an engine creates savings via a reduction in maintenance costs.

Total Talusia LS 25

TALUSIA LS 25 is a highly reliable low alkaline lubricant specifically designed for slow speed 2-stroke engines running on distillate fuels with up to 0.1% sulphur content.

Total Talusia Universal

Marine cylinder oil for slow-speed 2-stroke engines built before 2008 running on both high and low sulfur  residual fuels. Talusia Universal is the original single oil solution, designed to lubricate engines using a wide range of residual fuels. Developed to simplify lubrication management, it offers a wide range of uses.

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