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Committed to Better Energy

Total international group is the world’s fifth-ranked publicly-traded international oil company. More than 97.000 employees and over 130 nationalities are representing the workforce. Our products meet international specifications and industrial requirements with international partnerships.

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Total Automotive

TOTAL QUARTZ 5000 10W-30

TOTAL RUBIA 7400 15W40

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Total Quartz 

5000 10W30

The petrol engine and post-treatment system components that use them (such as three-way catalytic converters) are given long-term protection.

The 10W-30 grades reduce internal friction within the engine so it can deliver full power, while at the same time generating fuel savings.

Protection for pollution-control systems: their low phosphorus content prevents the 3-way catalytic filter from getting clogged up with soot. Reduces emissions of NOx, HC and CO in particular.

Total Rubia 

7400 15W40

TOTAL RUBIA TIR 7400 15W-40 is a mineral lubricant used in on-road diesel technology. It is recommended to Euro 3, and previous engines of most European and American manufacturers. It is also adapted to Euro 5 and previous engines of some manufacturers with appropriate oil drain intervals. TOTAL RUBIA TIR 7400 15W-40 enables coverage some fleet of mixed brands (American and European manufacturers) with a minimal number of products.

Total Fluid NA H3

FLUID NA H3 is recommended for applications calling for Allison C-4 fluid and it may be used as “top-off” fluid in automatic transmissions built by Chrysler. • Other common applications are its in hydraulic systems as a wide range hydraulic fluid or as a low to medium quality rotary air compressor fluid. • Consult your owner’s manual regarding its suitability as ATF in imported vehicles.

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