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Our host of Integrated Services help reduce our customers' operating costs, maximize equipment life, minimize equipment downtime and improve overall performance.


With the right combination of our Integrated Services, value-added products and industry expertise, we can lay the foundation for a long-term partnership that would make a significant difference in the efficiency at which our customers' business operate at and assist them in keeping their business profitable by maintaining their equipment fully operational in the long run.

We are always thinking ahead and are committed to providing optimum products, services and solution to satisfy all of our customers' needs.


Cloud-Based Used Oil Analysis

Lubecare Cloud-Based Used Oil Analysis can help identify contamination or wear before it results in costly downtime. Lubecare enables you to track the performance of lubricants in your equipment, the lifeblood of your business. Our program provides customers with many benefits that traditional used oil analysis programs do not offer. Some of these benefits include: 

  • Email Summary Reports that highlight sample condition as well as recommend actions, thus allowing company personnel to easily focus on the units that require follow up action

  • Secure login that allows multiple personnel to view reports from anywhere in the world with internet access 24/7/365

  • Live Online Dashboard that provides overview of all samples reported since last login, including Condition Summary, Problem Summary, Transit Time and Turnaround time.

  • Downloadable/Printable Used Oil Analysis Reports

  • Customizable Online Trending Analysis

  • Online help and feedback capability


Our Services

Professional Filtration Products and Services


Lubeclean Filtration Systems offer industry leading results by employing the best technologies available in the following fields of filtration:

  • Lubricant Filtration

  • Vacuum Dehydration

  • Varnish Removal Filtration

  • High Velocity Flushing

  • Varnish Removal Flushing

  • Transformer Oil Purification Systems

All Lubeclean Filtration Systems can be custom built to suit any space, design or technical specifications. We also offer "add-on" options such as Online Particle Counters and Online Moisture Indicators that offer users useful real time information, taking the guess work out of the job and eliminating the need to send samples to a lab and await results to know if the required cleanliness levels have been attained.


Professional Lubrication Services


Our qualified and certified professional lubrication and re-lubrication services offer customers the peace of mind that their equipment is being properly lubricated in accordance with OEM requirements and industry best practices. Tiered service levels are available, allowing us to offer a tailor-made solution to best suit each customer's needs. 


Lubrication, Filtration, Condition Monitoring and Contamination Control Audit


Lubesurv is a comprehensive plant survey that provides customers with insightful data to the lubrication and filtration operations of their plant and focuses on every aspect of lubrication and filtration from Delivery to Disposal. Lubesurv is structured to reduce operating costs and improve plant productivity by evaluating the following areas and making recommendations for their improvement

  • Storage, Handling, Dispensing and Disposal Practices

  • Lubrication Consolidation / Stock Rationalization

  • Lubricant Suitability for use based on OEM Specifications

  • Complete and correct lubrication instructions including method, location, quantity and frequency

  • Filtration Practices 

  • Applications that will benefit from our Used Oil Analysis Program

  • Lubrication and filtration Training


Onsite certified Lubrication, Filtration, Condition Monitoring and Contamination Control Training

Our Lubelearn Onsite Certified Training program allows customer the flexibility of having tailor-made training sessions presented onsite at their location to an individual or group. Our Lubelearn Onsite Certified Training program covers training in the areas of: 

  • Lubricants and Lubrication

  • Oil Analysis

  • Vibration Analysis

  • Contamination Control

  • Filters and Filtration


World Class Lubrication Storage, Handling & Dispensing design and construction

  • Secure Lockable Storage Systems

  • Storage Systems with Integrated Spill Containment

  • Forkliftable Storage Systems for mobile sites

  • Color Coded Storage, Handling & Dispensing Systems


Professional Vibration and Thermography Analysis Services

Our host of Vibration and Thermography Analysis Services can be tailor made to provide customers with the insightful data needed to ensure the reliability of their equipment. When combined with our LubeCare Oil Analysis Services, customers benefit from having all major PdM technologies on one platform for easy data correlation 


Professional Borescopic Inspection Services

Our advanced borescopic inspection service is combined with experts and years of hands on experience to deliver comprehensive, professional on-site inspections. We provide immediate raw video and still image documentation and a detailed follow-up report of the borescope inspection conducted at your industrial facility


Diesel Fuel Filtration, Polishing and Purification Services

Our bulk filtration systems save on costly component replacement, prevent unplanned downtime and prevent a decrease in fuel efficiency due to injector wear. In short, our DieselClean service reduces your total cost of ownership.


Oil and Filter Delivery Service

Through our Lubemarine Services,we provide customers with full scale lubricant delivery and pumping services, both alongside and at anchorage in bulk or finished packaging. Our team of delivery personnel and customs agents offer a complete solution, ensuring your needs are met safely and on time.